The Truth About Expired Listings
The Truth About Expired Listings

The truth no one wants to hear!

Why homes expire on the marketplace?

So you listed your home with a real estate agent and it did not sell...
The home process can certainly be a stressful and exhausting one and you may not know all the reasons why your home did not sell. Usually, when this happens there are many factors that may cause a home to stay in the market for a long period of time and expire as a listing on the marketplace without a successful sale.

As a successful real estate professional, I focus on all the factors that make a home challenging to sell, and address them at the beginning of the pre-listing process. As my mentor use to tell me "Always measure twice and cut only once" so I've invested a lot in creating a process easy to understand and focus on getting results customers hired me to deliver.

Some of the reasons properties do not sell on the marketplace:

-Home position on the market is one of the best strategies to get your home sold and get what you want.
A lot of time a home's unrealistic position on the market will kill buyers interest and will certainly help your competition sell faster.
Customer Recommendation: As your realtor, I have a successful process design to compel buyers to purchase your home. 

-Home's condition will make or break the sale of your home.
Buyers look for and most likely choose the property in the best condition. I know I did when I bought my own home. If the property needs TLC usually buyers tend to send LOW offers and/or may ask for a complete home renovation (L.O.L) which obviously is not in your best interest.
Customer Recommendation: As your realtor, I will inspect the home and give you recommendations on what to do to make your home look its best. Becuase most offers are contingent upon an inspection I have a plan in place to help you with this part of the home selling process.

-Home Marketing Plan.
Your previous agent may have implemented the Three P's marketing plan: 1) Put up a sign, 2) Put it in the MLS, and 4) Pray someone will sell it.
Customer Recommendation: As your realtor and affiliate of the Coldwell Banker Brand I can implement a marketing plan focused on exposing your home to the right buyer.
My marketing plan will target your neighborhood, your city, the state, the country and abroad. I'm prepared to showcase your home in one of the largest online syndication in the country. 

-Home Showings.
Limited access to the property will prevent buyers from submitting an offer on your home. During showings buyers imagine themselves living in your home, they measure to see if their furniture will fit, they assign the rooms, and they imagine themselves having gathings in what could potentially be their new home.
Customer Recommendation: As your realtor, I will go over the showing process and if need be we will implement showing schedules to allow buyer's viewings and also allow you to prepare home. "Home's first impression is important".

The Truth About Expired Listings

My Services in a Nutshell

'' My Mission is to represent you with ethics, integrity, and commitment. I aim to make the sale of your home S I M P L E."

I'm prepared to deliver the following:

  • Pre-Listing Program
  • Market Strategy
  • HD Quality Photos
  • Professional Support Team
  • Property's Website
  • Massive Online Syndication
  • Communication Plan
  • Selling Process Education
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Seller's Guarantee

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The Truth About Expired Listings

Is moving the right move?

Bursting at the seams

Have you outgrown your home? Is your family growing? Are you getting tired of waiting in line for the bathroom each morning?

One of the top reasons for selling your home is to move to a larger one to accommodate a growing family. As your children move into their teenage years, they also want more space of their own, their own bedrooms, work areas, and play areas. That small two-bedroom craftsman just can’t carry the load anymore.

Empty nest

Do you find yourself walking into empty rooms, wondering when you last vacuumed? Having trouble deciding whether to convert your children’s old bedrooms into the sewing room, home office, or media room? You have too much house. Downsizing to a smaller home could be your reason to sell now.

Meeting that special someone

If you’ve changed your relationship status, it might be time to change. That cute little condo or bungalow was right for just you, but it’s not a dream home for your new mate. Not only is there just one sink in the bathroom, but the closet space is barely enough for your clothes, let alone your partner’s too. Getting married or cohabitating with a significant other may just be the right occasion to sell and move to that next home.

Upgrading your abode

Things are going well at work. You got that promotion or landed a few new clients. You have been looking at Houzz and Pinterest and drooling over kitchens with dual ovens and master baths with enclosed steam showers. It might be time to start looking for the upgraded house of your dreams (and preparing to sell your current home).

Last day of work

Are you thinking a lot about retirement? Can you do what you want to do — sail, golf, play tennis, hang out with the grandkids — where you live now? If not, you might be ready to head to a new house and new city.

The Truth About Expired Listings

Tight finances

Are you stressing about the utility bills, the repair bills, and a hefty mortgage? Moving from an expensive area to a more affordable home and community may bring you the peace of mind and less stressful financial footing you’re looking for.

The neighborhood is going to the dogs

Are you up all night from the neighbor’s barking dogs? Are you noticing a spike in crime or more police activity lately? A neighborhood moving in the wrong direction can be a very compelling argument for a sale and a move.

Seeking a shorter commute

Are you spending more time with your car pool buddies than with your spouse and children? Have you been daydreaming about walking to work or having a commute that doesn’t force you to listen to an hourlong podcast each way?

Moving closer to work is a big consideration when it comes to selling. If the long-term prospects at your current job look good, living nearer to work could be a great reason to pack it up!

DIY blues

Was last weekend entirely occupied by trips to the home improvement store? Is the "Honey-to-do" list getting longer, not shorter? Maybe you are tired of hopping on that riding mower to trim your massive yard. These are all signs that you are ready to sell and move to a low-maintenance, repair-friendly home.

Cashing out

Is it payback time? After years of paying your mortgage and keeping up your home’s condition, you probably have built up equity. Ready to move some of that money into your cash and investment accounts? Selling and moving into a less expensive home can allow you to put that extra equity to work in other ways.
article was written by Michael corbet @ trulia/blog

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